Monday, 13 August 2012

Longest Golf Drive

Longest golf drive record

For 35 years no one has been able to beat the record for the longest golf drive.

35 years ago all they had were wooden golf clubs, so dose this mean that all the improvements in golfing technology have not really been an improvement

and in fact this suggest that many wooden golf clubs may be better in some ways?

The longest golf drive was made in 1974 by a 64 year old man by the name of Mike Austin.

Mike Austin's was recorded to have driven a golf ball 515 yards from the tee, whilst he was at a Las Vague golf course.

This drive was a 450 yard par 4, which means that he would have ended up well over 50 yards past the green.

Since then no one has been recorded to have hit a ball further  in any tournament.

This longest golf drive unbeaten record becomes even more incredible when you consider the fact that this record was made one years before tiger woods was even born, and also well before the massive advancement in golfing equipment innovation and improvement.